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Assisted Bareboat Sailing

What is Assisted Sailing?

Assisted Sailing gives you the freedom to charter your own yacht, still bareboat, but with the added bonus of having on hand support. This is a great option if you know how to sail but need a little refresher and some added advice to brush away the cobwebs. At least one member of the crew must have their ICC or Day Skipper to charter a yacht bareboat, due to Greek law.

What are the Benefits of Assisted Sailing?

Assisted sailing allows anyone who is nervous about sailing bareboat or just a bit rusty, to practice their skills with a professional skipper offering one on one personalised instruction. Whether you have a skipper on board, or choose to sail yourselves, it allows you to have the support you need without having to do a flotilla.

If you dont have the skipper on board, we will meet you in the evening for the first few days and teach you stern too/long lining or whatever you would like to learn on the sunday afternoon and monday morning.

If you have a skipper on board, this is a great way of allowing those who have never sailed before to get to a level where they can be assisting their skipper in sailing and mooring the boat in a safe and confident manner. We can take the skipper off the boat in the evenings wherever possible.

We highly recommend having an assisting skipper for one day if you have younger children.We can show the family whats safe, whats not, ensure everyone knows their jobs in different situations and help ensure a stress free sailing holiday!

For anyone looking for some additional coaching, whether it be to practice Mediterranean stern-to mooring, long lining or simply refresh the crew on MOB techniques or to practice sailing in stronger winds with the family.

This is a great way to build confidence without having to do a formal training course. Whatever you want to learn in Greece we are more than happy to show you.

Included in every bareboat holiday if required: FOC stern too mooring, skipper on the sunday afternoon, weather information sent daily, free helping hand with mooring for the first few evenings.

What is Included?

As well as all of the above we offer a free Weather SMS everyday, free Stern-to mooring training, free food and drink welcome pack, outboard and spare fuel on all Bavaria Yachts, towels, tea-towels and bed linen. The yacht is spotlessly clean and fully equipped with everything from spare batteries, pegs, bin bags etc to all navigation gear to masks and snorkels. We also do a last night Pimms Party so you can talk over your week and undiwnd, sharing your experiences with the other guests. You can sail on the Sunday of arrival. You even get a skipper for your first day, absolotely free of charge. We are on hand 24 hours a day in the unlikely event that you should have any major issues we have the fastest 10 metre RIB in the area, Rodney.

How it Works

flotilla Day 1: Arrive at our base on Sunday afternoon and have a handover of your yacht. See us in the cafe to discuss your plan for the week and get one to one recommendations for the best places to snorkel, relax, party, fine dine..whatever you would like to do! We will circle our favourite places on your chart and give you advise on our favourite restaurants. Do some basic provisioning if needed before setting sail on the sunday (you have beers, wine, bread, fruit, tatsiki and so much more on board already in our welcome pack!). Have a skipper on board if you want to FOC on the first afternoon to refresh everything and show you the ropes! Stop for a swim on route on Scorpios. Moor up in Meganissi for the evening for dinner and drinks on the beach. Relax on your first night on holiday!

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Day 2: Meet us in the morning (whatever time you wake up as we have coffee until you are ready!) - there is no group briefing, we chat to you individually. Maybe walk to the local village for fantastic views of the harbour and islands before a short trip to a nearby harbour. Have one of our instructors join your yacht for a few hours (if requested) to practice stern too mooring and long lining so that you have the confidence to moor up in the evenings and learn some tricks of the trade from the experts. A great way to get everyone working together and understanding roles. Also great to practice long lining so you can sail later in the afternoons and stay overnight in bays if you want to. Sail for lunch in a bay for swimming, visit the caves and snorkel. Sail to Sivota Harbour for the evening and meet us anytime between 4 and 7pm for help with mooring, drinks and advice for dinner.


Day 3: Enjoy breakfast and exploring Sivota. Talk to us about what you want to do for the next few days and choose whether to continue to follow one of our skippers all week, or join us for one more night or to sail yourselves.......or maybe you have made friends with other boats and are going to sail in compnay, whatever you decide we offer the full support you need. We send a weather text daily, organise one of our skippers to help with mooring if required and we are on call 24 hours.

For more information or to make a booking please contact or call 0800 321 3800.

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