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Flotilla Sailing Holidays in Greece

The Ionian is the home of Flotilla Sailing. The area lends itself to novice sailors and sailors learning as it has flat seas, short distances and few hazards. Sail Ionian does not offer a typical flotilla holiday, where you must be in by 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and have to have big group meals together. We offer, instead, an informal arrangement which you can chose to opt in to, or not!



Sail Ionian: Informal Flotilla Sailing Holidays or a Normal Flotilla?

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New For July & August 2015 - Week Long Traditional Flotilla!

Throughout July and August this year we are running a more traditional approach to flotilla sailing for the whole week. This is perfect for those with children who may want company their own ages, (and for their parents) or for those who want a little bit more assistance with mooring during the busy holiday months. One of our skippers will be leading the flotilla holiday but we will of course, be running the flotilla in Sail Ionian style so it will be a laid back approach, no rushing to be in at a certain time or silly games. We are offering this service free of charge.

The difference between us and other flotillas is that we are a small family run company. We follow a route which changes depending on weather and what you as a group of yachts want to do - and this could mean we change the route daily. We try to avoid the harbours with all the larger flotilla companies and try to take you off the beaten track a little! Our yachts are new and almost never break down so we don't need an engineer on site all the time.

You can choose on a day to day basis whether you want to join in and if you want to moor in the bay around the corner to the harbour or go in the harbour around the corner instead of the bay for example this is absoluely fine and we will help you moor and check everything is ok regardless. Our flotilla skipper meet the yachts in at around 5-7pm each evening (or earlier if requested). The best parts of the Ionian are the smaller harbours and bays which large flotillas cannot visit so we do not take any more than 10 yachts (usually 5) and not all moor in the same place.

Informal Flotilla Sailing Holidays

Our informal flotilla runs for the first few days of the week but we offer full support throughout the week. Included in the Informal Flotilla Greece with Sail Ionian: Support with Mooring, Expert Tuition from Qualified Yacht Instructors, Drinks Parties, no group briefings, no group dinners (unless requested!).

If you are thinking of flotillas for the social side of the holiday, you will meet plenty of people each night in the harbours and if you have children you will find your route dictated by them anyhow! Sail Ionian offers the same support to bareboaters as to those on flotilla with weather information sent by text daily and a familiar face in the harbour at night.

We are a family owned and run company and the people you speak to on the phone are the same people who meet you when you arrive in Greece! A typical informal flotilla route with Sail Ionian is outlined below:

flotilla Day 1: Arrive at our base on Sunday afternoon and have a handover of your yacht. See us in the cafe to discuss your plan for the week and get one to one recommendations for the best places to snorkel, relax, party, fine dine..whatever you would like to do! We will circle our favourite places on your chart and give you advise on our favourite restaurants. Do some basic provisioning if needed before setting sail on the sunday (you have beers, wine, bread, fruit, tatsiki and so much more on board already in our welcome pack!). Have a skipper on board if you want to FOC on the first afternoon to refresh everything and show you the ropes! Stop for a swim on route on Scorpios. Moor up in Meganissi for the evening for dinner and drinks on the beach. Relax on your first night on holiday!

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Day 2: Meet us in the morning (whatever time you wake up as we have coffee until you are ready!) - there is no group briefing, we chat to you individually. Maybe walk to the local village for fantastic views of the harbour and islands before a short trip to a nearby harbour. Have one of our instructors join your yacht for a few hours (if requested) to practice stern too mooring and long lining so that you have the confidence to moor up in the evenings and learn some tricks of the trade from the experts. A great way to get everyone working together and understanding roles. Also great to practice long lining so you can sail later in the afternoons and stay overnight in bays if you want to. Sail for lunch in a bay for swimming, visit the caves and snorkel. Sail to Sivota Harbour for the evening and meet us anytime between 4 and 7pm for help with mooring, drinks and advice for dinner.


Day 3: Enjoy breakfast and exploring Sivota. Talk to us about what you want to do for the next few days and choose whether to continue to follow one of our skippers all week, or join us for one more night or to sail yourselves.......or maybe you have made friends with other boats and are going to sail in compnay, whatever you decide we offer the full support you need. We send a weather text daily, organise one of our skippers to help with mooring if required and we are on call 24 hours.

Any questions please call Katie or Di on 0800 321 3800, or email

We offer a service which lies somewhere in between the traditional flotilla and a bareboat charter. It has proven extremely popular and continues to allow nervous or less experienced sailors and even experienced skippers to relax, go off the beaten track and enjoy their sailing holiday.

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What is a traditional Flotilla Sailing Holiday? Many people start their sailing in the Ionian with a flotilla sailing holiday. Flotilla sailing holidays in Greece are a great way for non sailors, dinghy sailors or less experienced sailors to gain initial experience and enjoy the beauty of the Greek islands with not only their family and friends but many others as well. A flotilla sailing holiday is where a group of yachts on charter (normally up to twelve) travel in company to end up at the same destination each evening. The flotilla lead yacht is crewed by a skipper hostess and engineer. They plan the day and will normally follow a set route for the week. It is possible to take part in flotilla sailing with minimal sailing skills, providing the winds stay light and the weather is mild. The waters of the Ionian Islands have no tides and stable weather so they are ideal. When considering a flotilla sailing holiday in Greece the South Ionian is probably the best area to start.

With Sail Ionian, you must have an ICC or a Day Skipper practical certificate, before chartering a yacht (as per Greek regulations) unless you plan to have the skipper on board all week.