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Scuba Diving and Sailing

What does a Scuba and Sailing holiday involve?

It's the perfect combination, giving you the best of both worlds- a chance to glide along the waves and dive beneath them!

The Ionian offers a range of fantastic diving spots, especially around Kefalonia. You can explore the ruins of sunken ships, caves, see stunning rock formations and get a glimpse at underwater aquatic life. All dives are controlled by a PADI certified fully insured dive school.

Independent drive insurance may be obtained from

What are the Options?

There are many options that can be specifically tailored to suit your needs. You can use a dive boat through a dive school and use their boat as a base, or you can have a qualified dive instructor join you onboard your yacht, using the yacht as a dive boat.

There is not normally any additional charge to have a dive master accompany you on board your yacht. The diver leader to meet you at a predetermined location and take you on dives from there.

Family Diving

Diving is also a great family activity. You can start slow by taking a beginers course to introduce you all to the sport. This is a great way for all the family to have fun and come together.

The children will love it as well as giving you all memories to treasure and who knows- maybe a new family activity!

We pride ourselves on holiday planning with a personal touch, so please do not hesitate to call us. We can tailor your holiday to suit your needs and give you any advice neccessary.

Certified Divers

There are courses available for the more experienced diver, as well as a rich fount of more advanced diving sites.

Certified divers can hire equipment on production of dive certification and insurance certificates. You can rest assured that you will be provided with the best quality of equipment and that it is maintained to a high standard.

Once you have hired equipment you can take your yacht to some of the more advanced dive locations and explore the beautiful aquatic surroundings.