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Free weather SMS everyday, stern-to mooring training, food and drink welcome pack, outboard and spare fuel, towels, tea-towels and bed linen, spotlessly clean and fully equipped yacht with everything from spare batteries, pegs, bin bags etc to all navigation gear, masks and snorkels, last night drinks party, sailing on Sunday of arrival.

Bareboat Charter

Sail Ionian is well-known for providing the best maintained and equipped bareboat yachts in Greece.

In case you have any problems, however minor, we also have the largest back up speed boat in our area and we will check any problems, within an hour of receiving your call.

If you are a competent sailor and are happy to skipper a bareboat yacht safely on your sailing holiday in the Southern Ionian, we are happy to let you do so! At least one person in your party must be qualified and experienced enough to handle the yacht safely and competently. You will be fully briefed on the yacht and given advice on the sailing area.

We send a weather text each morning, we are around to help with mooring on the first few nights if required and we have an excellent fast rib, and 24hr phone line as a support service. We recommend you charter a similar size yacht to yachts you have skippered previously.

Feel free to discuss any questions about bareboat charter with us either by phone or email. Ask for Di or Katie - 0800 321 3800.

What qualifications do i need for bareboat charter?

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What yachts are there to choose from?

What safety equipment, supplies and important items are provided onboard?




Your yacht will be ready for your arrival on the Sunday and you can sail that same day. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us.

If you are unsure as to whether you want to do bareboat or flotilla, please read about our assisted sailing below.

Assisted Yacht Charter

Assisted sailing allows anyone who is Day Skipper or ICC qualified but is either nervous about sailing bareboat or just a bit rusty, to practice their skills with a professional skipper onboard, offering one on one personalised instruction.

We highly recommend having an assisting skipper for one day if you have younger children. We can show the family what's safe, what's not, ensure everyone knows their jobs in different situations and help ensure a stress free sailing holiday!

For those new to sailing holidays, this training will cover all the important basics from safety, mooring, sails up and down, man overboard procedures, anchoring in bays etc. It is very relaxed teaching - at your pace!

For anyone looking for some additional coaching, whether it be to practice Mediterranean stern-to mooring, long lining, simply refreshing the crew on MOB techniques or to practice sailing in stronger winds with the family, this is a great way to build confidence. Whatever you want to learn in Greece we are more than happy to show you.

Email us for help in choosing the right yacht. What is the difference between Assisted Sailing and a Flotilla Holiday? What about doing a formal RYA course?

Sailing Holiday Greece

How does it Work? Assisted sailing offers flexibility and a relaxed environment without the need for a skipper to sleep onboard in the evenings. There is no pre-set time for this training, we simply “play it by ear” and see how every one is getting on after each day.

On Sunday when you arrive, the instructor comes on board your yacht and sails with you to another island. We will meet you and help you moor the yacht and take the skipper home by speed boat. The following morning, they return to the yacht and practice stern to mooring, or whatever you want to practice. After a day or two or three, everyone should be confident enough for you to take the boat yourselves and enjoy a bareboat holiday (with support). We have a high speed rib that allows us to get to your location very quickly, you can also reach us 24hrs a day if required by telephone. The time that you will need a skipper will vary, depending on how your confidence grows and how much tuition you would like each day.

Articles written by previous clients on assisted sailing holidays. Home page for yacht availability and prices

I have more questions!

RYA Sailing course

Sail Ionian Sea School is running informative, intensive, fun RYA courses in the Ionian. We run our training to the highest standard. We all work hard to ensure you learn to your maximum potential whilst enjoying every minute!

Whatever RYA course you take, you will be challenged. We do not run our courses around the traditional Ionian Flotilla Route and you will be sailing until at least 6pm each day, often later. The courses generally last 5 days, from the Sunday you arrive until the Friday pm. You can sail yourselves from then onwards for the duration of your holiday. These courses are ideal for anyone with two weeks holiday so you can learn lots and then relax/practice for a second week.

We give you the experience in stronger winds, more challenging navigational areas and in different mooring scenarios from buoys and anchoring to marina berthing and stern to so that you learn lots and broaden your experience. If you are planning to take your Day Skipper, we have no hesitation that with a sucessful Day Skipper Practical certificate from us, you would be able charter our yachts anywhere in the Ionian after the course and also with support, in many other places. You will have the tools to progress and the knowledge to sail in tidal waters. If taking your Competent Crew, you will be competent to sail with anyone in the world afterwards, be able to put up and down sails yourself plus much more and know how to be a useful, confident and valuable member of crew on any yacht.

If you are looking to gain a formal sailing qualification whilst on holiday, this is usually achieved with a 5 day course at the beginning of your time in Greece followed by a week to practice and relax afterwards. For more information see the Sail Ionian RYA Sea School.

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RYA courses

Skippered Yacht Charter

Relax, learn to sail if you want to, sunbathe, swim, explore the Greek Islands. For those of you without experience or looking for a relaxing holiday, we will be pleased to skipper the yacht to wherever you wish, for all or part of your holiday. It is completely up to you how much sailing you learn, how much time you spend lying in the sun and where you end up each evening. A great option for honeymoons and special occasions.

This option is also ideal for families trying sailing for the first time as there is no pressure to learn/participate but if you want to learn we will ensure you are mooring the yacht, navigating and sailing every day.

The skipper will sleep on board for some nights and will need a cabin. Yachts suitable for skippered charter range from our Bavaria 30s for two people to our Bavaria 56.

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Luxury Skippered Charters on our new Indulgence range  

Sailing Holiday Greece

Villa Sail

If the idea of sailing for two weeks sends the potential crew mad then why not mix the holiday combining a a relaxing villa holiday with a week on board a fantastic yacht. We can put you in touch with reliable and high quality villa owners who can provide you with the high standard of holiday we strive to achieve.

Alternatively, take a smaller yacht and villa for a week and sail during the day with some of your party whilst others can relax by the pool.

We organise transport to/from aiport, yacht and villa and everything in between. If you prefer an apartment or hotel than don't hesitate to ask us.

If you have a honeymoon or special occasion to organise please email or call us. We have spent the past 10 years doing this. We know the best places to stay, the best services on offer... not just on Lefkas Island but throughout the Southern Ionian. If we don't know the answer we will find out for you.

Villa Lefkas

August 2016 - Week Long Traditional Flotilla!

The week long traditional Flotilla was such a hit in 2015 that we have decided to run it again in 2016. From mid July and throughout August, we will be running a more traditional approach to flotilla sailing for the whole week. This is perfect for those with children who may want company their own ages, (and for their parents) or for those who want a little bit more assistance with mooring during the busy holiday months. One of our skippers will be leading the flotilla holiday but we will of course, be running the flotilla in Sail Ionian style so it will be a laid back approach, no rushing to be in at a certain time or silly games. We are offering this service free of charge.

flotilla sailing holiday

Informal Flotillas

Flotillas! - What the Ionian in Greece is famous for! We are not a major flotilla operator but we can provide you with an 'informal flotilla'. This is for those of you who feel more comfortable having some assistance with mooring, but do not necessarily want to have group dinners every evening.

Our flotillas don't have group meals, we don't insist you're in by 3 or 4 O'clock just when the sailing is getting good, we help you moor even if you are a late arrival and you don't have to join us everyday - a more flexible alternative.

We recommend having one of our qualified instructors on board with you for the first day (depending on your experience). If you are choosing a flotilla for your first sailing holiday - this will help cover important safety information and build confidence for sailing.

How it works!

Sunday on arrival. Sail with or without an instructor/skipper on board to the first destination. We meet you in, moor the yacht if necessary and check everything is ok. You relax on the beach for your first night in Greece.

Monday. We offer a FREE mooring practice in a nearby harbour for anyone wanting to join. We also offer FREE longline practice for anyone wanting to stay the night in bays during the week. These are optional. Afterwards, sail with or without a skipper on board to another busier harbour for the evening where you can moor with our yachts, or choose to moor seperately. We will help with mooring between 5 and 7pm and check everything is going well. Some of our yachts choose to have drinks with us the first evening and we recommend tavernas for the evening.

Tuesday. We check you are ok leaving the harbour, suggest best places for lunch, swimming etc and meet you the following evening in a bay so you can long line and row ashore to the taverna.

All the above is offered to all our charter guests, free of charge.

Mile Building and Distance Cruising

For those looking to venture further afield, regardless of level of experience we are offering a range of mile building weeks and longer distance cruises on our larger yachts. More information




Although we are predominantly a bareboat charter company we can still offer an unbeatable support service. Our support is in the form of at least one member of staff on 24hr emergency call out with access to a choice of high speed "always ready" RIBs, the largest of which can travel at speeds approaching 50mph and has no issue dealing with long offshore passages.

All instructional staff are first aid trained and although we hope they are never needed, are always ready to assist.

We also offer a range of services for no extra charge - one example of this is the "Weather SMS" which will arrive every morning, allowing you to plan your day and not worry about any bad forecasts catching you off-guard.


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