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Useful Links

Below we have listed some useful links to websites we believe you may find helpful or interesting. These include Airlines, Companies, Villas, Press about Sail Ionian and more.

Press/Articles of Interest about Sail Ionian

At Sail Ionian we value positive press and feedback at your experiences with us. Below are some articles and snippets we thought you would find interesting.

This ranges from articles on the financial times website to poetry from our clients!

Sail Ionian: Landlubbers Learn to Take to the Water Like Ducks (2010). Financial Times

Diary of a Dream: Our First Sailing Holiday (2008). Article about a first Sailing holiday with us.

"On the Right Tack", Telegraph article about a first ever sailing holiday on a Mirage 27 written in 2006.

OUR INTREPID ADVENTURE (2004) - Journal of Assisted Sailing Holiday on a Mirage 27

Poem about sailing with Sail Ionian: May 2008

York County Newsletter: May 2008 - Article written by Nigel Foster, May 2008.

Useful Travel Links- Airlines Flying to Greece

Below are Airlines that fly to Greece. Click on an icon to go to their website. For more information on flying to Greece, see our Travel Page.

flights to greece


We have also found skycanner and charter flights to be a very helpful resource when it comes to finding and booking flights.


Useful Weather Links

We understand that weather is a very important part of your holiday. Below are a few wether sites we find informative and useful. These not only give you weather on land but on sea aswell as other handy info.


Transportation Links


For timetables of the buses from Igoumenitsa, Thessoliniki and other areas to our base in Vliho please see-



Sailing Links


The Ionian Dolphin Project is a new project set out to protect the beautiful Dolphins of the Ionian Sea.