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Over the past 12 years some of our yachts have been part of a yacht partnership scheme. Our partners use their yachts for upto six weeks per annum.

With "Scheme 1" (full purchase price) in addition to usage the yacht generates income of around 6-7% of the capital invested. Typical depreciation over five seasons is around 20-25%.

With "Scheme 2" (reduced purchase price) NO income is provided. However if selling the yacht after 5 years you should recover you initial investment in full.

We can now offer on an exchange basis the ability to use a yacht in the Caribbean with our sister company Sail Grenadines.

The best testiment to the quality of the scheme is that 80% of our partners who have been with us for five years are re-investing for a further period. For further information on scheme details please click here.


Bavaria partnership

Sailing partnership