Covid-19 Outbreak

What do we know so far?


Covid-19. It’s taken over the global news headlines, it’s the only thing everyone is talking about… And for good reason, this has so far closed international borders, constrained families to the 4 walls of their homes and caused panic buying in the supermarkets!

What is happening in Greece?

The saying at the moment over social media here in Greece is μένουμε σπίτι (menoume spiti) – stay at home. Thankfully the majority of people are abiding, reducing person to person contact (however boring it may be this self-isolating malarkey).

Due to the spread of this Coronavirus worldwide, Greece has taken some precautionary measures in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus… so far these include:

  • 14 day mandatory quarantine for all international arrivals . This was implemented on 16 March.
  • Closure of all cafés, bar & restaurants
  • Closure of all schools, nurseries, universities
  • Closure of most other services – shops, offices, beauty salons, gyms, museums, cinemas etc
  • Closure of all hotels/tourist accommodation
  • Controlling the number of people in a supermarket at any one time
  • Limiting group gatherings to 10 people
  • 2 metre distancing from others if you have to leave your house

Supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies remain open.

The UK Government have also advised the following:

  • Avoid non-essential travel for 30 days (from 17 March)
  • Social distancing and encouraging self-isolating for the vulnerable

Most airlines have cancelled flights for now.

What can we do ourselves to minimise the spread of this virus?

What are the symptoms?

  • Dry cough
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

The national helpline in Greece if you think you may be experiencing any of the symptoms of Covid-19 is 1135.

Will my holiday be affected?

Our main priority is the well-being of our guests and our staff. To find out if your holiday may be affected, please contact the office on or 0800 321 3800 – we are advising on an individual basis. This is a very difficult time for everyone but we are looking forward to seeing you all in the near future once the situation improves. In the meantime, stay safe and take care!

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