Beat The Crowds – Sail In April

Why I think April is The Best time in the Ionian


With EasyJet starting their flight schedule from London to Preveza a WHOLE MONTH earlier than usual on 29th March next year (one of the rare moments I will thank EasyJet for making our lives easier saving us from organising the usual April transfers from Corfu to Vliho) we are able to start our charters a whole lot earlier too…

7th April will mark the start of our 2019 season which means 2 things:

1. Our winters are getting shorter, I’m in two minds about how I feel about that…

2. It’s really not that long until the start of the season (I can’t believe I’m saying that, pretty sure I was only waving goodbye to our last guests like…last week?!)

For those considering an early season sail, 2 words – DO IT!

Sailing out of season is great for a number of reasons (keep reading to find out more) but the month of April in particular has got to be THE best month of the year in my (humble) opinion. You can see our Availability here.

The buzz, the positivity, the vibe – whatever you want to call it – everyone is in a GREAT mood. I’m not saying that everyone is in a bad mood the rest of the year but with the season slowly starting it is such a great feeling. It’s like the season of Spring but in the moods and motions of the people – shops opening, tavernas preparing, the Greeks are coming out from their winter of hibernation and feel ALIVE and raring to go for another summer season.

I do also enjoy October (I’m one of those people that LOVES every month for some reason or another…), I mean look at the weather we had this October, it was exceptionally good – bar the couple of days my sister was here visiting TYPICAL. Similarly to April, October evenings are cool, but I like this difference in temperature defining day and night… not like July and august when day is hot and night is well… hot. Everything is hot in August – not that that is necessarily a bad thing; I’m secretly dreaming of feeling hot again. The only downside to October is that it’s the end of the season and some of the shops are closing, the tavernas aren’t serving the whole menu and it’s just sad… we have to wait another 5 or 6 months until summer again ☹

Asteri enjoying peace and quiet in Pera Pighadi

I’ve side-tracked again, I was talking about APRIL! So here’s my summary…

The 5 BEST things about sailing in April:

  1. Experience Greek Easter – a huge national and very traditional celebration in Greece, bigger than Christmas with festivities every way you turn
  2. No crowds = empty bays & harbours BLISS
  3. Direct flights to Preveza, no fiddling around with ferries/buses = more time sailing
  4. Glorious weather, April 2018 was quite spectacular with temperatures in the 30s during the day
  5. Good sailing – the winds early and late season tend to be slightly stronger than what they would be in the height of the summer

The 5 best things about sailing in Early Season in general:

  1. Everyone is welcoming and particularly pleased to see you!! Yay, there are people entering my restaurant for the first time in 6 months!
  2. The area remains fairly quiet until mid-June, so still relatively few boats around
  3. Save money with cheaper boats – out of season sailing means there are some fantastic deals to be had. You only have to look at our Special Offers page…
  4. Cheaper flights early season = big savings
  5. It makes winter in the UK feel shorter with an early week or so of sunshine on holiday!

Grand Cru longlined in Cliff Bay, Atoko

So, what’s stopping you? Book your boat today for an awesome time sailing in April! If you don’t know which boat to pick, take a peek at my blog post on choosing the yacht for you. First timer? Read about why you should choose the Ionian here.

You can view our availability and pricing on the website here, or feel free to send me over an email on if you have any questions!

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