Freedom Update

Progress on the first of our new yachts for this season


UpdateFreedom has arrived in Vliho, read more here!

So if you read my previous blog post about our new yacht Freedom, a Bavaria C42, you will have read that the boat gets taken by road to Izola in Slovenia, and then our team of engineers go up to meet the yacht and commission it ready for the delivery trip down to the Ionian. Unfortunately travel restrictions related to covid meant that our engineers were unable to travel to carry out the commissioning so we hired the help of the boat yard to get the job done for us.

Beginning of January 2021

The yacht is loaded onto the back of a lorry and begins its journey from Bavaria to Izola, through Austria. This will be probably the only time that the yacht sees snow!


Mid January 2021

The keel is assembled, the bottom of the yacht is painted and then antifouled.

End of January 2021

The yacht is ‘unwrapped’ and work begins on the guardrails and rigging. The mast is now up, and the yacht is pretty much ready to go!

What’s next?

We are currently waiting for restrictions to ease to allow boats to enter Greek waters. Until then the yacht will remain in Izola, with only a few finishing touches to make. Then the rest of the work can be done down here in Vliho in the spring when she arrives!

Updates to follow…

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