Weather in the Ionian

When to visit the Ionian according to the weather


We can guarantee quality yachts… we can guarantee excellent customer service… and we can certainly guarantee an amazing holiday! BUT, if there’s one thing we can’t quite guarantee is the weather. I so WISH we could… if it was up to me it would be long days of uninterrupted sunshine, mid twenties, light breeze – heavenly! Alas, it’s not up to me, it’s up to Zeus – Greek God of the skies – and Poseidon – Greek God of the Seas.

We get lots of weather-related questions – “Am I going to be too hot in August?”, ” How much rain will there be in April?”… So today I have turned weather forecaster – here’s what we generally see across the season:


Hallelujah – winter is long behind us and we are enjoying Spring in the Ionian. A delightful climate of warm days, cool evenings and the occasional rain shower allow for the island’s flora and fauna to burst in to life. In April, we are feeling ALIVE. Spring is here and Summer is in the AIR – comparable to a good day in the UK late June/July. The sea temperature is cool but with day time temperatures rising into the mid-twenties, you’ll need a refreshing dip or two!


With even less rain forecast, May is the month where the weather tends to settle down. We may experience the odd dark sky and perhaps a storm but certainly the air temperature is increasing and you can definitely feel more power in the sunshine. Force 2-3 winds in the morning followed in the afternoon by a slightly stronger F4-5 make for great sailing conditions. Harbours are still empty so make the most of staying out on the water until sunset!


It’s starting to hot up in June – rain is rare and storms unlikely! The days are gloriously long with sunrise at just after 6am and sunset at 9pm – amazing. Evenings are balmy, ditch the jumpers and enjoy dining al fresco! The mornings are quite still, with some nice NW winds coming up at lunchtime and lasting well into the evening. June is a fantastic time to sail in the Ionian because it’s still fairly quiet, and there’ll be no flinching at the temperature of the water!


Summer is here and the island is thriving from the land and water based visitors enjoying the Ionian. The air temperature is in the early thirties, but being out at sea provides a welcome sea breeze which is perfect to keep you cool. The water is like a bath so anchoring in one of the many secluded bays is the place to be. With the temperature high, you can expect light wind mornings and anything between F2 and F5 from the NW and dies at sunset.


With constant sunshine and beautiful long evenings, August brings a buzzing, lively feel to the Ionian. It’s peak season, so make the most of the breeze out at sea and come into harbour later, though expect to longline. You can expect a similar wind pattern to July, light in the mornings from the E or SE and blowing between a F2 and a F5 from the NW in the afternoons – you get the best of both worlds! Watch out for stronger NW gusts coming off the lee side of high islands…


Ahh September… the month where the sun still shines, the water is still (very) warm and the winds consistent. The end of the school holidays means the area is considerably quieter! With the change of season between the hot Summer and the cooler Autumn, the difference in temperature brings some stormy weather with it. You could experience some rain and the occasional thunderstorm – but the weather clears up as quickly as it comes in.


Although the end of the season is almost upon us, you wouldn’t know it! The air temperature remains pleasantly in the mid-twenties and the sea is still gloriously swimmable. Maybe pack a jumper or two for the evenings, it can get cool – but with the tavernas still welcoming you in, the ouzo will be in full flow… that will soon warm you up. There may be some rain forecast and the odd storm (a light rain coat is recommended) but with empty bays and harbours, it’s one of the best times to visit.

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Until next time, yasoo 🙂

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