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Hello and welcome to the Sail Ionian blog! Thank you for coming by this page, I hope you find something interesting to read… feel free to leave your comments or if you have any specific questions, please email me on! I’m always looking for new ideas too so if you have an idea please do let me know. Hopefully I’ll be looking to write a couple of posts a week, if you notice I’m slacking, send me an email!


European Flights

European Flights

Direct flights to Lefkada   We get lots of enquiries about how to get to our island of Lefkada. We've put together a timetable of flights in and out of Preveza airport. Travelling to Lefkada is easy, we aim to help and can offer advice and information on all the options wherever you are travelling from. Preveza is our local...
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What do we do in the winter?

A route plan from Craig

Why the Ionian?

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