‘Quacks Odyssey’ a brand new Bavaria C38 is joining the charter fleet

We will be updating this blog as the delivery trip takes place so check back for regular updates!

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‘Quacks Odyssey’ a brand new Bavaria C38 arrived at Izola in Slovenia from the factory at the end of June. Our chief engineer was there to meet the yacht as she was craned off the low-loader, and performed a detailed inspection of her condition in order to report any problems back to the Bavaria factory for rectification. An intensive week of work followed preparing the yacht for launching; stepping the mast, fitting the rigging and sails, installing various electronics, setting up the bimini and sprayhood, anti-fouling…


Owner Michael then flew out to Slovenia to take possession of ‘Quacks Odyssey’ and prepare for the delivery trip. Together with one of our professional skippers, Michael will sail the 600 miles south through the Adriatic to Greece.

Quacks Odyssey have left Slovenia at 14.30 on the 4th July!

Leaving Portoroz marina at lunchtime, we were itching to try out the code 0, the opportunity soon arose when we rounded the point to the NW and got the wind broadside at 5-7kts. We unfurled the black sail and were soon sailing at the windspeed. Michael, the owner, was pleasantly surprised to see how easy the whole manoeuvre was executed. Sails trimmed we pottered down the Croatian coastline while the wind slowly dropped and came more and more on our starboard hip, forcing us to turn on the engine to keep making that 5kt+ average we need. Just before nightfall, we furled the code 0 and settled into our 4 hour watch cycle. We are now still off the Croatian coast, hoping to make Vis island by lunchtime tomorrow, when we turn SW and head for Vieste, on the Italian coast, for our first and only stop. Refueling, provisioning and having some seriously good pasta, is something we are definitely looking forward to.



After a glorious sunset, we continued motoring down the Kroatian coast. Dawn found me staring at a very peculiar sight…I saw an oil rig (plenty in this part of the Adriatic) which looked like a tall ship, a four masted one too and caught myself thinking how nice of them todress up an offshore oil rig to look like the Flying Dutchman. Only it wasn’t an oil rig, it was a tall ship, it did have 4 working masts and it was sailing northbound.

Quite a sight.

2nd sundown, 2 stowaway, sailors in their own eight, one perched on the genoa, one on the kicker tackle. We are fast approaching Vieste, need to avoid Jambuka rock. Stay tuned to find out if we made it!!😎

Michael can’t hide his joy for this 8th Wonder of the world!😁

After a very calm night, we were 20nm from Vieste when a healthy southerly appeared giving us the chance to see what this 38 footer could do. She didn’t disappoint, beating to 35 degrees, although her sweet spot seems to be 37-39 degrees, doing 5,8 kts through rough seas, we were impressed!

An elderly man wearing a checkered shirt, blue shorts, black gloves, and boat shoes sits at the helm of a sailboat. He is smiling and holding onto a pole, with the turquoise ocean visible behind him. The sky is clear and the day looks sunny.

View from the deck of a sailboat under a clear blue sky. The sails are partially unfurled, and the rigging is taut. The horizon, with calm sea waters, is visible in the background. The image captures a moment of serene sailing.

Now in Vieste, for some, we’ll earned, rest and recreation!

An elderly man in a checkered shirt and blue shorts is steering a boat. He is wearing black gloves and looking out at the water with a serious expression. The sunny sky and blue sea are visible in the background. He is on a modern sailboat.

View from a boat's deck of a sunny marina filled with various sailboats and yachts. The deck features a modern steering wheel, wooden flooring, and shaded canopy. Clear blue sky and calm water create a serene atmosphere.


Leaving Vieste behind, under partly sunny skies, we head south, hoping for a change of direction which never materialised… instead we got ourselves a 40+ knot squall, out of nowhere, which lasted minutes but was very intense! Sorry, no record was kept. Sundown finds us in Margherita di Savoia, a picturesque (?) town, dominated by a, not so picturesque oil refinery. Heading southeast, we plan to be near Brindisi at breakfast.

A serene view of the ocean at sunset. The sun is halfway below the horizon, casting a pinkish hue across the sky, which is dotted with wispy clouds. The calm waters reflect the fading light as a brand new Bavaria C38 from Quacks Odyssey charter fleet glides smoothly on the horizon.

A view from the deck of a Bavaria C38 sailboat shows the neighboring motor yacht on clear, blue water. The yachts are adorned with various ropes and maritime equipment, and there is a partially visible flag on the motor yacht. The sky above is clear and sunny.

Another picture perfect Adriatic sunrise. Beautiful weather, motoring past Bari and on our way to Brindisi, we were paid a visit from the Guardia di Finanza. By the time they were satisfied that we weren’t drug, cigarette, people or any other kind of smugglers, the northerly had kicked in! Raising sails and the black magic, we are flying down the coast, past Brindisi and into the Otranto straight, doing 6 knots+ and heading direct for the northernmost Greek island, Othonoi. Should be there in 11-12 hours, where we hope we’ll have Internet service again. We’ll be in touch!


After a difficult night sail, with 30+ kt NW, we made for the port of Othonoi, arriving at 04.30. Deciding to stay for a rest, we woke up late to an unexpected lull. After a hearty breakfast we left, with a building NW again, deciding to head E and go down the Corfu channel to avoid the large swells that gave us a pretty hard time last night. We plan on arriving in Vliho Bay around 09.00 tomorrow morning.


A scenic view of the ocean from a boat, with clear blue water and a distant hilly coastline under a bright, partly cloudy sky. The boat's metal railing and cables are visible in the foreground.

A serene sunset over the ocean as viewed from a boat. The sky is a mix of orange, pink, and gray hues, with the sun partially obscured by distant clouds near the horizon. The silhouette of a mountain range is visible in the background.

As night falls over the Ionian island of Corfu, we are getting ready for our final shifts for this amazing trip. We should make landfall by 06.00, hopefully catch the bridge open (or we linger for an hour…) and set of for Vliho bay and a warm welcome from friends and colleagues. It has been an adventure, but then again, why else do it?

The image captures the front view of a sailboat gliding through the calm blue waters, with its sail fully unfurled. The horizon showcases a distant view of a hilly coastline under a clear, blue sky.

Pink and purple hues fill the sky as the sun sets behind a mountainous horizon, casting a warm glow over the calm water. The image captures the serene and tranquil beauty of dusk by the sea.

A serene sunset over a calm body of water with a gradient sky transitioning from deep blue at the top to orange and yellow near the horizon. Silhouettes of distant hills and a bird can be seen in the background. The water reflects the colors of the sky.

A serene waterfront scene at dusk, with streetlights reflecting on the calm water. Boats are docked along the pier, and buildings are visible in the distance. The sky is clear, with a deep blue color indicating the transition from day to night.

A white sailboat with two masts and red sails is anchored on calm blue water. The background features green, tree-covered hills with scattered houses under a clear blue sky.

Last sunrise, for this trip… Suddenly Vliho sounds extremely welcoming. I’m sure this wasn’t Quacks last Odyssey, hopefully you can have yours with her!
Fair winds.

A view from the deck of a sailboat showing the blue ocean and a distant mountainous coastline under a clear sky. The boat's sails and rigging are visible, and the water is calm, reflecting the clear weather.

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This post was written by Tom Fletcher