Suggested Route – Quiet Escape

If you’ve booked your holiday and want to get away from it all, turn off your phone and follow this itinerary off the beaten track and avoid the crowds…

Sunday night – Rouda Bay, Lefkada

A large open bay with quiet anchorages away from the main beach, a really easy option for your first evening. Dine on board or take the dinghy ashore to the best fish restaurant in the area – Zolithros. Wake up to the sound of the waves lapping and take a swim in the gorgeous turquoise water.

Monday night – Polis, Ithaca

Head south to Polis on Ithaca and long line to the shore for your private swimming area out the back of your boat. Stroll up the hill to the village of Polis and admire the bay from above.

Tuesday night – Pera Pighadi, Ithaca

Plan to dine onboard when you head to Pera Pighadi on Ithaca. Apart from a long beach and crystal clear water, there are no facilities – ideal for a quiet, romantic evening.

Wednesday night – Kioni, Ithaca

Ok so not the quietest of locations, but certainly one of the most beautiful. Anchor off just inside the windmills on the headland rather than attempt the quay or longlining against the cliffs like most do. The town is stunning, worth a trip ashore.

Thursday night – Cliff Bay, Atoko

Stock up for on board cooking before you head to the secluded Cliff Bay on Atoko, an uninhabited island between Ithaca & Kastos. The only noise you will hear are the goats on the mountain (how did they get there?) and the waves on the beach. The stars here at night are incredible!

Friday night – Kastos

The stripped back traditional island of Kastos is out of the way, quiet and a must-see. Alex’s bar serves pizza until 9 and then offers a night cap with some great music. Or head to the windmall on the headland for a stunning view across the water to the mainland.

Saturday night – Port Atheni, Meganisi

Only an hour back on the Sunday morning, Port Atheni is a great quiet option for your final evening. Longline to the rocks on the North shore and enjoy your private swimming area. There is a taverna further into the bay if you fancy it.

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