The Season Begins!

After months of hard work, the season begins tomorrow!


Today marks our last day of preparation for our first yachts of the season going out tomorrow. Although actually I should say yacht, not yachts! That’s right, they couldn’t have timed it worse – the Greeks have called a ferry strike starting at 6am on Wednesday 18th April for 24hrs. With it being early season and Preveza airport not fully operating, our guests are arriving via Corfu… Unfortunately a Greek ferry strike is beyond our control, we’ve researched various ways of reaching our guests but they will be spending the night on Corfu. There are worse places to be ‘stuck’ I’m sure! We will be eagerly awaiting their arrival Thursday lunchtime when all of the yachts will be ready for a quick getaway from the quay once paperwork and other formalities have been ticked off.

When our guests do arrive though, they are in for a treat – I took the picture below on Saturday! I’m sure you recognise it, though this quiet maybe it’s hard to recognise it! This is Dessimi, one of my all time favourite beaches. Not a boat, person or for that matter a cloud in sight! This is what our guests will be arriving to 🙂


Oh and to top it off, the weather forecast isn’t looking too bad either 😉

No complaints about the water temperature either. Lots of people are put off coming out early season because the water is a bit nippy. In this heat, the cool water is PERFECT. It’s refreshing and once you get out, you dry off in minutes. For anyone who likes to sunbathe, in and out the water is THE way to build up your tan… Plus the water really isn’t that cold anyway. Think UK sea temperature in August, add on a few degrees and you are about right!

Wind wise our guests are in for a great time sailing. The morning winds are looking fairly light with northerly winds force 1-2 forecast. Stronger afternoon winds are due towards the weekend. Friday and Saturday are showing around a force 4-5. But the forecast changes regularly so it’s definitely best to look nearer the time, of course that’s what we will be doing!

We wish our guests a safe journey to the airport tonight and early tomorrow morning and are looking forwards to seeing old and new faces over the next couple of days!


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