Why a Yacht Charter is the Perfect Holiday for 2021

Consider a yacht charter holiday around the Ionian as an extremely safe holiday option


Undoubtedly it’s been a pretty awful 2020 for most but I think it’s safe(ish) to say that perhaps things are starting to look up. Let’s not start the debate on whether a vaccine is the answer or not but it’s certainly a step in the right direction which will hopefully mean that by Spring next year, we may see some normality to return to our daily lives… dare we say post-coronavirus…

Which also means that we can start to look forward to holidays like we used to! And what better way to holiday with complete peace of mind than on board your own yacht, forget crowds of people around an all-inclusive hotel’s buffet, or not being able to find a sunbed around a communal pool… instead your own private bay to swim in, fantastic weather, fresh clean air and the ability to be completely self sufficient for the entire sailing holiday if you wished!

Isolation never sounded so good!

Following the pandemic, travelers will surely be washing their hands – pardon the pun 😉 – of big crowded resorts, hotels and cruise ships and will be in search of safer alternatives. This pandemic has changed the way we think and act. Although a vaccine may be the answer, the fear of another situation like this one is enough for people to reconsider their travel choices.

Need further convincing about why a yacht charter is the safest holiday option out there? Read on…

  • The itinerary is completely up to you. You decide if you want to go into port or stay overnight in a secluded bay. Feeling like you want to dine ashore and have an explore? Go for it! Want to keep yourselves to yourselves but not be confined to a small apartment’s kitchen or hotel room? Anchor up in a bay, swim to your heart’s content and cook on board.
  • Open sea and fresh clean air – the perfect combination to reinforce your immune system. Now more than ever we are health conscious and looking at ways to keep ourselves in the best shape possible so that if we contract a virus, our bodies are in a good way to deal with them. The benefits of being out in the fresh air are endless!

yacht charter holiday greece

  • Limited need for interacting with others with complete privacy on board – the yacht is yours and yours only. Make yourselves at home with your own living, dining and relaxing space. No need to share the space with anyone you don’t want to and no one knocking at your door in the morning!
  • All the equipment you’d possibly need to be self sufficient. The comment we get most from guests is how well equipped our yachts are, particularly on the domestic side of things in the galley. Enough pots, pans & utensils to cook a roast or bake a cake! You’ll be ‘cooking on gas’ for the duration of your charter with 2 full gas canisters provided at the beginning of your holiday. Our innovative gantries with solar panels on a lot of our fleet mean that your batteries stay full without running the engine or plugging in to mains power. The only thing you may need to go into harbour for is to refill with water (unless you choose Karin who boasts a water maker on board!). The taverna owner in Desimi was talking about running a hose out for a water refill station in the bay – not as ludicrous as it sounds really!

family enjoying their yacht charter holiday

  • Worried about the risk on the plane? Drive! Lefkada is rather conveniently attached to the mainland with a small bridge. Why not consider making a holiday of driving down through Europe and into Greece? We’ve done this trip many times, it’s easy… the roads are good, there are plenty of great spots to stop en route and we are only 2 hours from Igoumenitsa where the ferries come in from Italy so the journey is really not that long – 17 hours from SE England to Ancona in fact.

Rest assured that each of our guests will still be warmly welcomed with the family feel and personalized service that so many of our returning guests keep on coming back for! Bring on 2021 🙂 Read our fantastic tripadvisor reviews from real guests who holidays with us in covid times.

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