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Eco Mission

Our Eco Mission

Proudly doing our bit for the planet

As part of our Eco Mission, we are committed to encourage sustainable sailing holidays and continue to make even bigger efforts for the future, in a bid to decrease our impact and our guests’ impact on climate change.

If you’ve been on holiday with us in recent years, you may have noticed a few changes – most noticeably on the yachts themselves. We’ve upgraded majority of our fleet with solar panels and electric outboards.

Our major push for 2023 goes to introducing Lithium Batteries into the charter fleet. Seven yachts will be testing this new, greener, power source in 2023. In addition to being a good ecological development, they offer a raft of power advantages:

    • Traditional AGM batteries can only be discharged to 50% without damaging the battery. For Lithium that figure is closer to 90% giving far more power in a single charge.

    • Lithium also has a cycle life 10 times greater than AGM and will perform optimally for 2 to 3 times as long as an AGM battery.

    • Lithium batteries weigh around 20% of AGMs for an equivalent usable capacity, they also take up around half the physical space.

    • A completely flat Lithium battery only takes around 3 hours to recharge to 100% vs. 12-24 hours for the equivalent AGM – a huge advantage for sailors.

Read more about our ‘Green Charter Yachts’ here!

And of course there are other smaller initiatives that we are undertaking, for example ensuring the use of marine safe cleaning products and encouraging our guests to do their bit to minimise their environmental impact too. Every change small or big makes a difference!

Read about our beach clean up initiative here

Epropulsion Electric Outboards

Introduced to our charter fleet in 2020, the Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus Electric Outboards have been so popular that we continue to expand their use across the rest of the fleet! Their 1kW  of power is equivalent to 3hp – so they compare very well against the 2.3hp outboards that we are replacing.

Why did we swap to the Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus Electric Outboard?

The main reason for the swap to the electric outboards is that they are much friendlier to the environment than their petrol counterparts. Most importantly there are no fumes, smelly petrol can or oil, and you don’t have to worry about spilling petrol into the sea either. All of these mean we are able to better protect our precious wild life here in the Ionian Sea. There is zero engine noise either so you can enjoy the sounds of nature instead of the whine of an engine!

These electric outboards are really easy to charge, we’ve installed suitable charging boats on each of our yachts to ensure you make the most out of the battery during each use. The batteries themselves last a good 1.5hrs at full power, so for pottering around bays or from your anchorage to the beach, the battery is extremely efficient. A full recharge takes only 8 hours, so whilst you’re not using the engine, pop the battery on charge and you’ll be ready to go next time.

Their ease of use is second to none, once attached to your dinghy transom, simply attach the magnetic kill switch, power on with the press of a button and you are ready to go. The digital screen displays battery levels and power output. With a smaller full throttle power, these engines are safe for children to operate too.

Furthermore, these outboards are maintenance free so it means less call outs for outboards not working properly, and more time enjoying your holiday! The batteries float too.

Guest feedback has only been positive, testimonials to follow shortly!

You can see each yacht’s specifications through their listings here or for a full list, read our blog post here.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels have been an increasingly popular feature in recent years and also continue to grow in popularity, with guests now specifically requesting yachts that are fitted with a gantry and solar panels.

Solar Panels mean that we are able to make excellent use of the vast amount of sunshine that we enjoy here in the Ionian. The batteries stay charged even without the engine running so that means less noise pollution, less fuel consumption and importantly less carbon emissions.

And of course, being able to keep the yacht electrics running without having to worry about when you’ll next need to run the engine is fantastic peace of mind – the fridge can be run almost continuously (so long as you keep an eye on the battery monitor from time to time).

Solar panels are now fitted on the vast majority of our yachts. You’ll see the solar panels highlighted on each yacht’s individual specification here.

Marine Safe Products & Other Initiatives

In an effort to avoid polluting the Ionian, we continue to use marine safe products in our boat preparation and cleaning schedules as part of our eco mission. We have equipped all heads with refillable eco-friendly body wash and shampoo (all in one) which prevents plastic waste. We’ll also not be printing our brochure this year, instead you can read our brochure here!

Eco friendly sustainable beauty product

These are most important things that we ask you as our guests to do whilst out sailing to minimise your environmental impact:

  • Pick up any trash you find floating out at sea, or on the beach and dispose of it ashore. We provide large reusable beach clean-up bags on board – we will be launching a clean up campaign that you can easily get involved in during  your holiday. Read more here!
  • Recycle! There are blue recycling bins and glass recycling bins around the islands in easy distance to most ports – read more about recycling here.
  • Anchor carefully – try to anchor in sandy areas to avoid disrupting the seagrass. The species of sea grass in the Ionian are essentially the lungs of the sea. They produce huge amounts of oxygen, protect marine life, prevent erosion and are crucial to coastal ecosystems.
  • Purchase local products where possible – reduce your food miles by buying fresh, local foods. This cuts down on transportation which reduces air pollution. It’s also a great way to support the local economy which we thoroughly recommend. Instead of doing one big shop, we suggest buying groceries as you travel around the islands.

Other things to think about:

  • Seen dolphins? Don’t crowd them! Stay a good 100m away and certainly don’t chase them. Put your engine into neutral.
  • Refuse straws and other single use plastics – bring your own reusable straw, coffee cup or water bottle
  • Choose eco-friendly suncreams – look for ones that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.
  • Decrease fuel consumption – slower speed = less fuel
  • Sail when possible – be at one with nature!
  • Charter a yacht with an electric outboard
  • Re-use bags multiple times or bring reusable tote-style shopping bags with you
  • Buy products sold in recycled or recyclable containers
  • Don’t let any rubbish go overboard

What’s Next?

NEW FOR 2021 – We have equipped each of our yachts with a strong, reusable beach-trash bag which our guests an use to pick up rubbish on their travels, and dispose of it responsibly in port. We encourage our guests to send us photos of your beach clean up efforts around the Ionian so that we can feature you on the website! There may even be prizes to be won…

We have just started a collaboration with charitable organization Green Sail. Green Sail’s movement aims to raise awareness of environmentally conscious practices, the responsible use of our seas and maintaining sustainable tourism. We’ll be flying Green Sail flags to promote recycling around the islands.

eco friendly sustainable yacht charter, Green Sail

We are also currently researching how we can effectively install water filters on our yacht’s water tanks to produce clean, perfectly drinkable water, eliminating the need to purchase bottled water. This would be an absolutely HUGE step forward for green yachting and the environment.