Nautical Charts of the Ionian
Navigate the Ionian on the go

Nautical Charts

Start Planning Your Route

Your yacht will come fully equipped with the latest charts, both electronic and paper.  If you are thinking of travelling outside of the normal sailing area please get in touch to arrange extended coverage.  Before you arrive it’s always good to be familiar with the area and we have found the Navionics software to be really useful.

Planning in advance means more time sailing and less time at the chart table.  You can download them to your device easily and at minimal cost.

Download the Navionics app HERE

Take a look at our Sailing Area here – we have highlighted our favourite places. Use the charts along with our recommendations and enjoy planning a great route. Whether you want short passages and long lunch stops, or lazy mornings and long afternoon sails, it is entirely up to you.

Just remember, the weather plays a big part in your planning so it’s a great idea to check the weather regularly whilst route planning.

We recommend:

Weather Online



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