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Private Flotilla
For a luxury celebration or group holiday in Greece

Private Flotilla Group Sailing Holidays Greece

Bring all your friends!

Are you planning a large group sailing holiday? Our Private Flotillas ensure that you and your group have a stress-free sailing holiday! Your private flotilla lead crew are there for you, and you only, so that you and your friends get moored each evening in busy harbours, with no problems.

We have over 20 years experience sailing in the Ionian, let us help plan your route and create that once-in-a-lifetime holiday! We can take a combination of bareboat and skippered yachts in the same flotilla, so friends who are not sailors can still join in the fun.

Our mission is to ensure you, as the organiser, enjoy a relaxed holiday for your special event, without having to look after your groups boats all week.

Take your pick of any of our charter yachts from 33-57 foot with both monohulls and catamarans to choose from. We operate the best maintained, most modern charter fleet in the Ionian.

Our lead crew will help plan your route, make sure you get moored easily each evening, and help with restaurant reservations!

A private flotilla is perfect for larger groups of yachts who prefer to have a bit of backup, or assistance, with mooring. We can take anywhere from 3 – 10 yachts. We have an experienced crew who will help you moor up in the evening, and then see you clear the following morning. We work with you so you do not have to come in early and miss the good sailing in the late afternoons!

On a Private Flotilla we give you a discount on our list prices per yacht, depending on the number of boats you expect to book. The private lead crew yacht is then charged on top, and usually split between the total number of families or groups in the flotilla:

6-8 yacht booking: 15% discount​

9-10 yacht booking: 20% discount​

(If not up to limit final accounts will reflect price increase)

Private lead yacht + two Sail Ionian crew: £3500

See our weekly availability and price by yacht here.

Book individually or as a group, we are happy to advise on individual yacht bookings directly with your guests.

Click here to get in touch, we like to arrange a Zoom call to discuss your preferences and explain how it works!

Wondering what the weather is like in the Ionian and when to visit? See our Ionian Islands Weather post on our blog here.

If you aren’t sure which holiday is for you, go back to the Holidays summary page here or contact our office for advice.

We hold a 2023 TripAdvisor Travellers Choice award, see what our guests have to say about our 5 star service on TripAdvisor here.

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Sunday Arrival

Sail with or without a skipper on board to the first destination. We meet you in, help you moor the yacht if necessary and check you are have everything you need. You can then relax on the beach for your first night in Greece.

Your First Day

We offer optional free mooring practice in a nearby harbour for anyone wanting to join. We also offer free long line practice for anyone wanting to stay the night in bays during the week. Afterwards, sail with or without a skipper on board to another harbour for the evening where you can moor with our yachts, or choose to moor separately. Some of our yachts choose to have drinks with us the first evening and we can advise on ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ for the evening.

The Rest of the Week

We check that you are organised and ready when leaving the harbour. We are always available to advise and make suggestions of the best places for lunch and a swim and meet you in the evening in the next harbour and help you moor up.

Return to base by 9am the final Sunday, getting you 7 nights out on the water. Step off the yacht and into a taxi to the airport!

View more on our Sailing Area here

Required Experience

Day Skipper

The skipper must hold a minimum of an RYA Day Skipper or an International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

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*Subject to arrival /departure times

Provided Support

Weather Update

Sent daily by SMS

Basic Training

And boat briefing

Free Mooring Practice

And long lining

Support Rib

Support within an hour

24hr helpline

In case of emergency