UK Flights to Preveza
Preveza / Aktion Airport

UK Flights to Preveza (PVK) 2020

Travelling from the UK to Lefkada is easy! We can help with advice and information on flights to Preveza and all the options wherever you are travelling from. Preveza / Aktion is our local airport, with only a 45 minute transfer to our base.

UK to Preveza flights are available for Wednesday, Friday & Sunday departures, from a number of carriers.  The first direct flight into Preveza for 2020 is Sunday 29th March and the last returning flight is Sunday 1st November.

The Sail Ionian 2020 season starts on 12th April!

Flights are available from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted Manchester & Birmingham from the UK to Preveza.

Flights arriving around lunchtime are ideal as you will get to go out sailing that same afternoon.

For later flights, you can stay on board for the first evening. We would then do the paperwork, handover etc the following morning!

We’ve put together this handy schedule to help you with your flight planning:


AirportAirlineDayOutbound Flight NumberDepart UKArrive PVKInbound Flight NumberDepart PVKArrive UKStartsFinishes
Enter AirSundayENT42706:5012:10ENT42813:1014:2503/05/2011/10/20
British AirwaysSundayBA860208:0013:25BA860315:2516:3524/05/2027/09/20
HeathrowBritish AirwaysSundayBA067411:2516:50BA068117:4519:1024/05/2013/09/20
British AirwaysWednesdayBA067408:2013:45BA068114:4016:0527/05/2016/09/20
British AirwaysSaturdayBA067412:3517:55BA068118:5520:2023/05/2019/09/20
Jet 2SundayLS89907:4513:15LS90014:1516:0010/05/2001/11/20
Jet 2WednesdayLS89907:4513:15LS90014:1516:0001/07/2016/09/20
Jet 2SundayLS132913:1018:40LS133019:3021:0024/05/2001/11/20
StanstedJet 2SundayLS153307:0012:25LS153413:2514:5010/05/2001/11/20
Jet 2WednesdayLS153307:0012:25LS153413:2514:5027/05/2028/10/20

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NOTE: Additional flights are being added, we will keep this page as up to date as possible with new additions! Skyscanner is a great website for comparing flight times and prices. offers charter flights from the UK to Preveza.

Greece is 2 hours ahead of the UK.

For more information on the entire European flight schedule, see the other flight pages: Holland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

If you are flying in out of season or looking at extending your holiday in another part of Greece, you could fly into Athens. Jump on the short connecting flight to Preveza with Aegean Air. 

If you fancy a week ashore, you can see our blog post HERE.

Fly to Kefalonia and get the ferry to Nidri (on Lefkada) which is 5 minutes by taxi from our base in Vliho.

You can also fly into Corfu and get a short connecting flight down with Sky Express. Or ferry to the mainland and taxi or bus to our base.

You can read our blog post HERE on alternative routes to Lefkada.

Please get in contact if you need any further advice or different requirements.