Yacht Ownership
New & Used Yachts For Sale

Yacht Ownership

Extra 3% hull discount for boats ordered in September 2021

Yacht Ownership, New & Used Yachts and Yacht Maintenance

Whether you are looking to buy a brand new shiny yacht, a pre-loved second hand yacht or you already have a boat that you need someone to look after, Sail Ionian has something to offer you.

With our Yacht Partnership Scheme, you can invest in a NEW yacht that Sail Ionian will use in their charter fleet and earn an income while using the yacht for a number of weeks each season.

Our Yacht Brokerage offers second hand ex-fleet yachts which have undergone extensive maintenance and care during their charter life and look like nearly-new yachts.

Or if you own a boat that you’d like maintained by our team of professionals, then see our Yacht Guardianage service – several options to choose from to make sure your vessel is being well looked after.

New Yacht Partnership

Invest In A New Sailing Yacht With Sail Ionian.

Yacht Brokerage

Immaculately Maintained Second Hand Yachts For Sale.

Yacht Guardianage

Professional Maintenance Of Your Boat, Rib or Yacht.