Charter Yacht Partnership

Charter Yacht Partnership

Sail Ionian’s charter yacht partnership scheme has been tried and tested for the last 18 years with an unprecedented level of second term investment.

80% of charter yacht partnership investors have re-invested in a new yacht for an additional five years with us.

Our partnership offers:

Delivery times from the factory are around 9 months. – contact us and ORDER a brand new yacht by July each year for the next season.


WHY WAIT? IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE –  On the water with usage in 2024:

Please contact us further if you are looking for a pure investment opportunity without yacht usage.

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Special Offers

Scheme 1

Full purchase price

In addition to the owners usage, the yacht generates income of around 6% of the capital invested.  Typical depreciation over five seasons is around 20-25%.

Scheme 2

Reduced purchase price

No income is provided. However if selling the yacht after 5 years you should recover your initial investment in full.