Charter Yacht Partnership
2 schemes through Sail Ionian. Scheme 1 - Income payable with full investment package and Scheme 2 - reduced investment with no income. Partnership schemes normally last 5 years.

Charter Yacht Partnership

Options available for full or reduced investment into a new yacht

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Sail Ionian’s charter yacht partnership scheme has been tried and tested for the last 18 years with an unprecedented level of second term investment.  80% of charter yacht partnership investors have re-invested in a new yacht for an additional five years with us.

The scheme detailed is designed for those who wish to own and use a yacht whist having it professionally cared for, with a financial arrangement that not only covers its costs but also provides a return on investment. All yachts are cared for as if they are one of our own, which leaves Yacht Charter Partnership investors to enjoy their time on the water without a care in the world.  Turn up for your yacht, go sailing – it’s as simple as that.

The yacht ownership scheme allows owners up to six weeks on the water each season.

Please contact us further if you are looking for a pure investment opportunity without yacht usage.

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