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Why buy a Sail Ionian yacht?

Our yacht Brokerage ensures that all yachts have been impeccably cared for by us and are ready for you to sail away. If you wish to have the yacht fully maintained and looked after in Greece we have a comprehensive yacht care package.

All Sail Ionian yachts including those for sale have been fastidiously maintained

Sail Ionian yachts offered for sale in Greece are a very popular choice on the brokerage market.  Owing to the fact that they have had  our constant care and maintenance throughout their lives. We ensure they have only been used by qualified and capable caring clients, through our expert support.  They are not tired run down ex flotilla charter boats.  No major damage has been suffered by any of the boats listed.


Firstly all Sail Ionian yachts offered for sale have been subject to stringent maintenance programs, furthermore, each time the yacht is at base it receives a 120 point check list. Servicing is completed by qualified and experienced engineers, to strict schedules according to the manufacturers specification. Any faults, however small are diagnosed and fixed as they occur. As a Bavaria dealer Sail Ionian have direct access to the Bavaria warranty and support system.

Topsides & Hull

When buying a yacht appearance is one of the deciding factors, it becomes noticeable if the fibreglass appears dull and faded, this indicates the yacht hasn’t been properly looked after. An “A Glaze” treatment has been applied annually to the topsides and hull on all Sail Ionian yachts.  As a result this provides protection against the elements of sun, salt and sea whilst keeping the yacht looking in pristine condition.


New owners are offered the opportunity to learn about care of their yacht,  how it is winterized and the important points to be checked.

We realize that you may be a new yacht owner and consequently you will find our professional support service invaluable.

A full instructional handover and demonstration of all equipment on the yacht is provided to all new owners.


The Yacht brokerage at Sail Ionian ensures you have a comprehensive set of documentation for the yacht you buy including translations where necessary and VAT status. We are also able to advise on yacht registration and insurance.


All yachts offered for sale in Greece come complete with a full set of equipment including many extras such as dinghy, outboard, warps and fenders, anchors, fully equipped galley etc. Everything you need to sail the yacht away is included on board.  So you should not need any additional expenditure in order to take the yacht out on its first day.

Training & Qualification

As an RYA training school we are able to offer training to all levels to ensure you enjoy your new yacht to its maximum.


When you buy a yacht from Sail Ionian the yacht will be 100% defect free. All yachts are thoroughly checked and tested, before being handed over to a new owner.


In the unlikely event you need help, a unique complete care breakdown and support service can be provided with any yachts supplied by Sail Ionian within the local area.

The Ionian

The Ionian is not a strong wind sailing area which means yachts operated in the area will not generally have the wear and tear on masts and rigging found in locations where the weather is more severe, additionally yachts have only been on the water for around 7 months a year a light usage pattern.

VAT when you buy a yacht in Greece

Clear title to the yacht is provided in a comprehensive package which is essential for any new owner.

A full documentation package is provided including certification from the Greek VAT office to ensure you have European full title. We can advise on the VAT implications when you buy a yacht.

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