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Beach Clean Up

Beach Clean Up Initiative

Tidying up the Ionian one beach at a time

Even in the most beautiful corners of the earth, beaches are littered with trash. Sometimes debris too small to even notice on first glance, and other times large items that wash up after months, or years at sea. And sadly just like almost everywhere these days, the Ionian has not been spared when it comes to plastic waste and something needs to happen. There is no quick fix, this rubbish is not just going to disappear over time.

Most plastic can last 450 years in the marine environment, slowly breaking down over time into smaller pieces, but never truly going away completely. What does that mean? Every bit of plastic EVER produced, is still on the planet in some form. Although we cannot solve this problem ourselves, we each have a responsibility to do our bit, both in clearing up the seas, and preventing a worsening situation.

Read about our Eco Mission here

Ionian Sea & Beach Clean Up

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to clean up the Ionian Sea & its beaches, using the valuable help of you, our guests. We have equipped every yacht with a reusable and washable beach clean up bag. We hope that when you go ashore to that beautiful beach or secluded cove you can take the bag with you and pick up any rubbish that you find on the beach. You’ll then be able to dispose of this rubbish responsibly at the next island you visit with appropriate facilities.

And of course keep your eye out for debris at sea when you are motoring or sailing. Pick up any rubbish that you see floating, every piece taken out of the sea does make a real difference.

Share the success – please send us any photos you are happy for us to post on our website and social media to info@sailionian.com of your beach cleaning efforts, we might just have a little prize up our sleeve for those who have made the biggest effort at the end of the season!

Plastic Free July Initiative

Make an effort this July and join the Plastic Free July movement, we’ll certainly be giving it a go!

It’s estimated that 80% of all marine debris is made up from plastic. In fact 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year – all of this is completely avoidable. The best solution to end plastic pollution is avoid plastic! It’s the first step to take in order to reduce the amount of plastic reduced. Less plastic reduced = less plastic waste = less plastic pollution.

Plastic isn’t however completely avoidable, it’s used in technology, healthcare, transport and other essential items but the single-use plastic is the big issue. Straws, cups, bags, bottles and packaging to name a few plastic items that we can easily replace with other reusable, recyclable or biodegradable alternatives.

Why is it so important to stop plastic pollution in our seas? Plastic pollution is not simply harming just the marine environment, it spreads way beyond this. We’ve all seen photos of wildlife entrapped in a bag, or entwined in plastic and it’s not uncommon for sea life to die from having eaten rubbish at sea after mistaking it for food. But it’s also the chemical-laden microplastics that don’t necessarily harm the animal, that then work their way up the food chain and into fish that we eat. Would you want to eat plastic?

The campaign of Plastic Free July goes beyond a month of reducing plastic waste – it’s a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. Learn how you can get involved here and sign up to the challenge!