Alex & Corey Become RYA First Aid Instructors!

Thanks to Alex & Corey, we will be running a number of First Aid courses throughout the season


Two of our RYA Cruising Instructors have been studying hard, and the long hours with their heads buried in books have paid off as both Alex & Corey passed the RYA First Aid Instructor course at the beginning of February – great work guys! So to put their new found knowledge to the test, they decided to run an informal course to a few of the staff this week so they can get some feedback about the course in anticipation of teaching First Aid to anyone that needs an update during the season.

In a medical emergency, a little first aid knowledge and immediate action can save lives. This course is designed to provide a working knowledge of first air for people using small craft and to support skippers but is as equally as useful for non-boaters too.

So Barbara, Eleftheria and I decided that we’d like a refresher on our knowledge – you never know when it could come in handy, some staff live with elderly parents, others last did a course when they were in high school. With the amount of guests that we interact with in the summer season, it’s really important to know what to do in any first aid situation so the more of us trained, the better we’ll be able to respond if something happens (touch wood it doesn’t) – be that on a yacht or here at base.

As long time Cruising Instructors, teaching comes naturally to both Alex & Corey so the lesson plan was in place and the day began. We covered a huge range of topics – well balanced with relevant anecdotes and of course informative content from the syllabus. A healthy number of tea breaks too (more like coffee, come on we are in Greece!).

The practical elements are, like anything, the most interesting and thankfully Alex & Corey managed to slot in plenty of these to keep us inspired and on the ball.

We practiced the recovery position, CPR, CPR after drowning, dressing a wound, dressing a head wound (I’m definitely not putting any pictures up of this – NOT the most flattering!) and various other things… also several knowledge reviews were added in here and there to test whether we’d been listening… or not!

Here’s Eleftheria giving CPR to ‘Preston’ – she saved him … ?

The accompanying powerpoint presentation was informative and smooth and the other course materials we received were very useful, including a mayday call prompt card – we have these on all of the yachts next to the VHF for quick and easy reference.

And here’s me practicing CPR on Preston ?


Big congratulations to both Alex & Corey on your new achievement and for thoroughly refreshing our first aid skills. Even Chief Instructor Craig who sat in on the course learned a thing or two! It was certainly the most interesting first aid course I’ve attended and we all came away feeling much more confident in our response to a first aid situation! ???

For more details on the 1 day RYA First Aid At Sea course, please contact our office on

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