Alternative Routes to Lefkada

Although flying in to Preveza is convenient, sometimes other means of travel are necessary when travelling to Lefkada


If you are coming on holiday with Sail Ionian then at some point you will be looking at booking your travel to Lefkada.

With flights in to Preveza from the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy and various other European destinations, our small island of Lefkada has excellent transport links considering Aktio Airport in Preveza is only open seasonally!

However, with some airlines hitching up their prices for the 2019 season, we have been (understandably!!) getting lots of enquiries as to how to travel to Lefkada avoiding Preveza airport.

Thankfully, we have a few fairly painless options to choose from…

1. Fly in to CORFU and get the SKY EXPRESS from Corfu to Preveza

Corfu is well served by daily flights from the UK by a number of different airlines. The likes of NORWEGIAN AIR are offering particularly cost-effective flights but a variety of airlines fly to Corfu – best to look on Skyscanner.

The 20 minute flight on the Sky Express is easy and relatively cheap. It’s an experience that’s for sure! The timetable is fairly good with flights throughout the week, so you can either get the next available Sky Express after your flight lands, or spend a day or two on Corfu. There are some beautiful sights to see, in particular Corfu town.

2. Fly in to CORFU, get the ferry from Corfu to Igoumenitsa and hire a car to Lefkas

If you are happy to drive on the right along the Greek coastline, then hiring a car in Igoumenitsa is a good idea. Don’t try to hire a car from Corfu and take it on the ferry as the hire car companies will not allow this. Wait until you get on to the mainland and try a company like Green Motion to rent an inexpensive car one way to travel to Lefkada. The drive is roughly 2 hours, with the choice of the scenic coast road or the quicker highway. You can then drop the car off at the Green Motion office in Nidri.

3. Fly in to KEFALONIA and get the SKY EXPRESS from Kefalonia to Preveza

With daily flights in to Kefalonia’s Argostoli Airport from various UK airports, and at a fraction of the price of flying in to Preveza, this option is perfect if you can spare an extra night either side of your yacht charter.

The short hop north on the Sky Express plane takes around 20 minutes, although its schedule does not necessarily fit to meet your arrival flight meaning that you may need to overnight in Argostoli town. There are a number of places to stay, I tend to look on for suggestions.

4. Fly in to KEFALONIA, get the ferry from Fiscardo to Nidri

If you have a flexible itinerary and are keen to slowly amble across to Lefkas island, maybe by spending a night or two exploring Kefalonia on route then the ferry route is perfect for you. With the ferry timetable published online here, and the ferries being very reliable (when there’s not a strike 😉 ), this would be my preferred option if I had to choose between Sky Express and the ferry. The ferry takes approximately 2 hours, departing Fiscardo and arriving in Nidri. The tickets cost 8.50 euros per adult which is not bad for a scenic trip across to Lefkas.

5. Fly in to ATHENS and hop on the OLYMPIC AIR flight from Athens to Preveza

Athens has some particularly beautiful areas to see so I would highly recommend travelling via Athens for a chance to see sights such as the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus and some fantastic areas of Athens city such as Monastiraki. The Olympic Air flight is looking like a Saturday evening which may or may not suit you. It would mean arriving in to Preveza on a Saturday evening and then having to stay ashore somewhere until the yacht is ready at lunchtime on the Sunday. But an option at that!

6. Fly in to ATHENS, get the bus from Athens to Lefkas

If the flight schedule does not suit you but you still like the idea of coming in to Athens, then look at taking the bus from Athens to Lefkas town. KTEL-Lefkada shows the timetable online – regular journeys to and from Athens with the ride time being approximately 4.5 – 5.5 hours. It’s an easy journey with a midway stop.

7. Don’t fly at all, drive from the UK to Greece on an epic road trip adventure!

If you have all the time in the world and fancy seeing a bit of Europe on route to Lefkas then why not drive the whole way?! 1600 miles is the only thing separating the UK from the glorious Greek sunshine, it’s doable in 1 day (trust me, we’ve done it – to the ferry port in Ancona) but I’d recommend taking 2 or 3 days to meander through France, Switzerland & Italy. The ferry from Ancona to Igoumenitsa is not cheap but it means a lot less driving. Ferry timetables and prices can be seen online here.

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