The sailing charter season in Greece begins soon

At last we can report to all positive progress on tourism in Greece!!!

Many of you have had those special sailing holidays disrupted and we do hope we have been able to find sensible arrangements for you to visit Greece over the coming months. Even if you have moved a holiday to next year we would welcome you back in 2020 as the tourist season is going to start.

Around the islands we have had few or NO cases  so it is one of the safest places in the world and out on a boat conceivably even safer.

Covid Sailing Update in Greece

Greece has had a declared plan in place for recovery of tourism for the past month which has  now become firmer. For the first time we feel there has been enough positive & constructive announcements (not  speculation) to allow us to publicly update on the way forward.

Over the coming days we will keep this blog up to date with the latest laws and plans.

The Minister of Tourism   announced  20 May:

25 May “The yachting will open”

15 June “Foreign tourism is officially open Athens airport is open for flights”

1 July “All airports are open”

There are a many new procedures for your personal safety and we are working on those new protocols now.

Follow this link for more information (its in Greek so open with Chrome and it will translate for you)

SAIL IONIAN  20/05/2020

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