Fiscardo Live Web Cam

Keep an eye on the weather and harbour in Fiscardo


Following on from the post about the Vasiliki Live Web Cam, just in case you hadn’t seen it before, there’s also a live cam in Fiscardo on Kefalonia.

View the webcam online here

Fiscardo is one of my personal favourite spots in the Ionian. Ok it can get busy (very busy) but long lining outside Panorama restaurant is heavenly however busy it gets inside the harbour. With 2 lines out, you create your own little swimming area, you have a fantastic view out to sea, a bit of a breeze to keep you cool and less chance (hopefully) of crossed anchors!

The buzz in the evening around town is fabulous, people mooching around the shops, having a cocktail, watching the world go by – there’s certainly a lot to watch in Fiscardo, it’s known as the St Tropez of Greece thanks to the numerous super yachts that come by with the rich and famous on board…

Here’s a few of my favourite places…

Favourite Cocktail Bar – Theodora’s Café Bar

Favourite Taverna – Apagio’s or Elli’s 

Favourite Alternative Restaurant – The Lord Falcon, Thai Restaurant

Favourite Morning Coffee/Milkshake stop – Melina Patisserie

Favourite Hotel – Emelisse Resort

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