Getting 2024 Afloat!

It’s all go here in Vliho Bay as we prepare for the first yacht charters this weekend! 

The timing of Easter this year has meant we are starting our sailing season earlier than usual, and the whole team has been very busy in the boatyard getting the yachts ready for launch. The yard is on the northern shore of Vliho Bay, in between our base and Nydri. 

It’s an exciting time, with the first warm days of the year, green buds on the trees, and the whole island starting to get ready for the summer. 

Launching the yachts is a great culmination of the cold months working in the yard, it somehow always seems to be a bright, clear day, as if Poseidon himself is smiling on us! 

The yachts are launched on a hydraulic trailer, which is maneuvered into position underneath the yacht whilst they sit on their winter cradle and stilts. The trailer is then slowly reversed down the slipway until the yacht floats off backwards. 

The skippers are on board ready to start the engine once the yacht is clear of the trailer and moor the yacht on the pontoon. On the short trip across the bay the bilges and seacocks are checked to make sure they are all watertight after the winter maintenance. 

Once on the pontoon, the final preparation gets underway with sail going up, safety equipment replaced after inspections, biminis and sprayhoods fitted, and final touches completed ready for charter. 

You can see our short launch day video here on our YouTube channel – why not subscribe to see more of our videos!



This post was written by Tom Fletcher