How to: Long Line

An expert’s guide to long-lining


Envious of those yacht crews that make long lining look easy and effortless?

It IS easy and (fairly) effortless!

This guide runs through the preparation required to set up the yacht and the steps to follow to long line successfully, resulting in a secure mooring in relatively shallow water with your own private swimming area out the back of your boat – perfect 🙂

You will be anchored with one or more long lines holding you close to the shoreline, unable to swing. This takes three phases:

  • Set up the first line
  • Bring the yacht stern-to that line
  • Add more lines



  • You will not need any unless you are close to other long lining boats
  • If you are close to someone else, set up fenders as if for a stern to


  • Set up a long line, flaked, in the dinghy to go ashore
  • If you are short-handed, tie a bucket and fender onto the line to mark where it ends
  • Take another, shorter, mooring line in the dinghy with you, just in case!


  • Hanging above the water, ready to drop


  • On the stern, loaded with your flaked line (also the bucket & fender or mooring line)


  • One (or two if there are enough of you!) in the dinghy with shoes and a lifejacket.
  • One ready at the anchor (if not shorthanded)



  • Row ashore to find a suitable rock/tree/lamppost/bollard to attach to
  • Secure the dinghy painter
  • Take the free end of the line ashore
  • Tie it to a strong, stable object
  • Row back out to sea and upwind until you run out of line


  • Place the bucket (filled with water) and fender in the sea
  • Get back on board the yacht to help anchor


  • Signal that you are ready
  • Hold the dinghy in place using the oars (you will be drifting down wind!)
  • Pass the line to the yacht team once they are anchored


  • Stay onboard, close by the dinghy/shore line
  • When the line is ready, anchor the yacht and approach the dinghy/fender just like a stern to mooring
  • Take the long line through the windward stern fairlead and onto the genoa winch
  • Tighten the long line, then secure the line with a round turn and two half hitches onto the winch. Flake the line so it can be let-go quickly in an emergency
  • Send another team ashore to add a leeward line if staying overnight


 Longlined in Fiscardo 

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