Recycling in the Ionian

Let us all be the change


Sun, sea & sailing – what the Greek islands are famous for! A culture of fantastic food, charming people and a beautiful summer climate, as well as the extraordinary history that surrounds this country, are just some of the reasons why tourists from all over the world flock here to spend time ashore or to set sail around the fascinating Ionian islands.

Although this country continues to amaze me, the reality is that – like unfortunately anywhere – you can’t help but notice the amount of plastic and other waste accumulating on the shorelines of the beaches and at the side of the roads where it has been regrettably dumped either in the sea over the side of the boat or out of the window of a car…

Sadly it does not come as a surprise – in 2018 a reported 33 million tourists visited Greece during the summer season. Seeing as in just one day alone, an average person produces a shocking 2 kilos of waste rubbish, it doesn’t take a scientist to deduct that there is a lot of rubbish needing to be disposed of.

Just by sharing with you the ways in which we can recycle here in Greece will mean that next time you empty your bins, you don’t head straight to the general waste bin and chuck everything in together. By following the recycling measures already in place, we can actually recycle an awful lot more than we have been previously. This will help the ongoing problem around Greece, but specifically on Lefkada, of the overflowing waste landfill sites at the same time as reducing the need for further raw materials to be processed.


Blue Recycling Bins


In BLUE BINS we can dispose of all  PACKAGING ITEMS: aluminium, tinplate, plastic, glass and paper

  • Aluminium Packaging e.g. soft drink cans, beer cans
  • Tinplate Packaging e.g. used for evaporated milk, tuna, animal feed, concentrated tomato juice
  • Plastic Packaging e.g. water bottles and containers, soft drinks, yogurt, butter, oil, detergents, cleaning materials, shampoos, shower gels, films, tooth paste, deodorants, plastic carrier bags
  • Glass Packaging e.g. bottles and jars, juices, soft drinks, alcohol beverages, food
  • Paper Packaging & Cartons  e.g. from electric devices, milk, juice, cereals, pizza, biscuits, sugar, detergents, paper carrier bags


5 moves for proper packaging recycling

Separate packaging materials from all other household waste on a daily basis.

Empty packaging completely from all residue.

Fold cardboard boxes.

Dispose of packaging loose in the bins and not tied-up in bags.

NEVER throw common waste into the Blue Bins of packaging recycling.

and of course… transmit the recycling message to our friends and acquaintances.

These bins are known as BLUE BELLS and are specifically for glass packaging recycling

As of 2013, there is a separate stream in Greece for glass recycling. The Blue Bells serve the needs of major producers and business venues such as bars, cafes, restaurants, hotel complexes etc, where large quantities of products in glass packaging are being consumed, which would otherwise end up as common waste. Upon collection and transportation of the contents, the material is eventually taken for processing and recycling to producers both within and outside Greece.

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