‘Roxanna’ a new Bavaria 37 Cruiser joins the charter fleet


As part of Sail Ionian’s Charter Yacht Ownership Scheme, new owner Mick Hewitt flew to Izola, Slovenia in April. Here he tells the story of sailing ‘Roxanna’ his fresh-from-the-factory Bavaria 37 Cruiser, to Lefkada.

Sail Ionian’s new charter yachts are delivered on low-loader trailers by road from the Bavaria factory to Slovenia. Our engineers, headed by Chris, travel to Izola and commission the yachts there. It’s a big job, starting with a complete factory quality check and moving on to stepping the mast, installing electronics, and even plumping the cushions! Our team ensures owners meet their new yacht looking at her finest.

The yachts are then sailed down the Adriatic to the Ionian, crewed by owners, their friends and supported by our skippers if needed. The delivery trip is well over 500 nautical miles.

‘Roxanna’ is a 3 cabin Bavaria 37 Cruiser and is available to charter this season, click here for photos, details and available dates & prices.

Mick writes:

I arrived in Izola on 3 April to find Roxanna at her berth looking resplendent. I met Chris, of Sail Ionian, to hand over the keys and show me around. He got his phone out to capture the moment and my smile. I assured him that there was no hurry as I would be smiling for a long time.

A marina filled with various sailboats docked neatly under a cloudy sky. The focus is on a white and blue sailboat with a folded sail, moored closely among other similar vessels.


Roxanna looked and smelled fabulous. Blaz and Alex arrived the next morning to crew for our trip to Lefkada. We set out for coffee and then on to the local supermarket for supplies which we duly stowed away. Whilst having an early lunch Andy arrived to complete our crew for the trip and catch a warm, calm weather window.

We slipped our lines at 14:00 and set off down the coast of Croatia under engine without a breath of wind for 2 days. We all settled in, worked out the watch system and enjoyed Blaz’s hidden talents. Besides being an expert sailor and skipper he is an outstanding chef who would hold his own in a professional restaurant.

A man smiling and sitting in the cabin of a luxurious yacht, surrounded by a well-appointed interior with wood paneling, a small kitchen area, and a bouquet of flowers on the table.

As the days slipped past, we sailed downwind through the Croatian islands, our sails goosewinged gently in the wind. We attached a preventor in anticipation of some serious gybing. Passing the time dragging our lures hoping to hook some tuna, but to no avail.

We carry on through these almost uncharted and deserted islands. At various times, we are joined by the odd dolphin and two turtles. I am sure Chris’s delightful little son would have quickly named them Donatello and Michaelangelo.

We, at last, arrived on the island of Ubli to refuel. It is then we head out into the Adriatic and can finally turn off the engine again. We are joined by a large pod of dolphins who spend at least an hour with us diving under and around the yacht. I am told they were blessing Roxanna.

‘Ha!’ declares Alex ‘that is why there are no fish!’.

However, we think it is because his lure is skipping on top rather than under the waves. Alex disagrees but I notice he changes the lure. We settled into a gentle downwind motor sail with a following SE breeze.

We are suddenly disturbed by the screaming reel letting us know that the tuna are not all frightened by dolphins! 15 mins later Alex lands one. He modestly estimates it is a weight of 4 to 5 kgs but considering the sweat on his brow and heaving chest I judge it closer to 10 kgs!


We sit back and enjoy the beautiful display of bio-luminescent plankton passing beneath us, which goes on through the night.

We are now pressing on towards Corfu where Andy is leaving us to catch a flight back to the UK. With sadness Andy departs and we carry on under engine to catch the 13:00 Lefkas swing-bridge. From then on into Vilho, arriving at 14:00 exactly 4 days after we left Izola.

A truly great experience, great guys to meet, a real pleasure to sail with the crew to Vliho, where Roxanna and all were welcomed into the Sail Ionian family.

‘Roxanna’ is a new Bavaria 37 and is  available to charter this season, click here for photos, details and available dates & prices.

If you would like more information about our  Charter Yacht Ownership Schemes click here.

This post was written by Tom Fletcher