Fancy a week ashore too? Take a read!

The perfect combination – a week sailing around the beautiful islands followed by a week exploring the beauty of Lefkada itself…


I mentioned a couple of posts back that I thought more people should spend some time on Lefkada island itself… it seems that the majority of tourists travel across Lefkada heading to Lefkas marina, Nidri, Vliho or Sivota to pick up their sailing yacht for the week and then sail off towards the horizon not to return to Lefkada island until their departure the following week. Only to then hop in a taxi and scoot off the island as quickly as they arrived. And this is because Lefkada is lucky enough to be the ideal starting location for a yacht charter around the Ionian. We have some of the most beautiful islands in the world on our doorstep so we have A LOT to be thankful for.

BUT at the same time – helloooo, Lefkada is equally as beautiful. And I’m biased so I’m going to say the MOST beautiful, of course. And it certainly shouldn’t be forgotten about. Which is why I am HIGHLY recommending that you spend a day, three days, or even a week after your sailing holiday spending time ashore. Hire a car, explore – there is so much to do and lots of amazing places to see.

I am definitely not saying choose staying ashore over a week or so out sailing. I’ve been there myself…sat on a beach, watching the yachts cruise by… and I am LONGING to be out there. But it works both ways, when I’m out on the water, I’m looking at the land…wondering… where does that track go, what’s behind that mountain. So why not satisfy both desires and do both!

With the handy Wednesday flights from Preveza to the UK, it’s ideal for a 7 day yacht charter followed by 3 days ashore, or if you have the time to take a week then I would definitely advise this as to not rush the sightseeing!

I’ve put together a couple of lists which should help you plan your stay and give you some good ideas of what to do! There are endless things I could have written about so don’t hesitate to contact me on if you have any further questions!

Some ideas of areas to stay (not in any particular order!)

1. Lefkas town – be in the hustle and bustle of this lively Greek town. More popular with holidaying Greeks than British tourists so the town retains a traditional feel to it at the same time as providing for tourists.

2. Perigiali – this hillside and beach front is just north of Nidri town. It’s most popular for villas as the views from the hillside and beach look south over Scorpios and down the Meganisi channel.

3. Nidri – a lively tourist town! Great to experience at night with numerous restaurants serving local & foreign cuisine. Some nice bars along with sea front too – I like De Blanck Wine & Champagne bar

4. Sivota – slightly touristy, slightly traditional fishing town with some nice restaurants. The setting of the naturally shaped harbour is lovely.

5. Poros – if you’re after somewhere quiet with a nice beach, a couple of small restaurants and not a lot else then choose Mikros Gialos bay in Poros.

Some ideas of accommodation to choose (also not in a particular order)

1. Hotel Boschetto in Lefkas town. A small, boutique hotel with impressive sea view over the lagoon. A stone’s throw away from the historical centre of town AND it backs on the the amazing ice cream parlour I mention a little later on…

2. Hotel George in Nidri. Located on one of the quaint back streets off Nidri main street, this hotel is ideally located for quiet mornings lazing by the pool and livelier evenings enjoy Nidri town. Also happens to be very close by to an impressive ice cream parlour…is there a theme developing here?

3. San Nicolas Hotel in Poros. If you are going to look into staying in Poros, make sure it is Poros LEFKADA and not the island of Poros for a start… The San Nicolas is one of the most luxurious hotels on Lefkada island and is ideally located on the hillside overlooking Poros town and Mikros Gialos bay. Beautiful views by day and night.

4. Seaside Apartments in Geni. One of my favourite (actually definitely my favourite) place to eat on Lefkada. Owner Kostas will make sure your stay is one you will never forget. If his apartments are anything like his beautiful waterfront dining area then you are in for a treat. Try the cheese saganaki with raspberry jam to start and the hot chocolate pudding is a MUST.

5. One of many villas across the island. If you want to REALLY relax for your time ashore, then why not indulge in a stay at a luxury villa. You can basically choose between a waterfront location (i.e. roll out of bed and go for a swim in the sea) or a hillside location (i.e. amazing views across all the islands). There are lots of villas to choose from all over the island so contact us for advice on where to stay…

Top 5 things to do/see (you guessed it, no particular order…)

1. Hire a car and drive around/across the island. The views from the White Church at the top of the island are breathtaking and the drive is exciting. Small, windy roads so drive with extreme caution. Rent a car from 35-40 euros per day with Vita Cars – you can even get the car delivered to the quay when you drop the boat back making the whole exercise extremely easy!

2. Visit Lefkas town – I would say best done by night. There’s a lovely atmosphere among this old town. A number of tavernas and bars line a busy square in the middle of town, with several walking streets coming off the main square offering interesting boutique shops selling local and unique products. And the best bit? The DELICIOUS ice cream parlour heading north out of the main square….mmm!

3. Watersports in Vasiliki are high up on my list! The afternoon sea breeze provides AWESOME conditions for avid windsurfers and dinghy sailors. If you are new to either sport, you can have a private lesson with one of the numerous watersports providers down there… Club Vass, Wildwind, Ocean Elements. Or if you’ve done it before and can handle the strong winds, then just hire equipment and have a BALL. 😀

4. Visit the west coast beached of Kathisma & Porto Katsiki. Our beautiful west coast took the brunt of the 6.1 magnitude earthquake in November 2015 BUT the natural beauty of the area still remains. The water is SO turquoise and the surf rolls in in the afternoon providing a fun swimming experience. It can get busy with tourists so get there early for a good spot.

5. A dinner at Rachi restaurant in Exanthia is the ultimate way to end any holiday on Lefkada. Sip on cocktails in the bar whilst admiring the gorgeous colours of the sunset engulf the sky. You’ll also spot paragliders overhead putting on a sunset show swooping down on diners in the restaurant, it’s quite an experience! Dinner in the restaurant is equally as special and definitely worth the drive there.

Hope you enjoyed the read! More information on the island’s ice cream parlours coming soon 😉

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