Destination: Kastos Island

Kastos Island – Explore this untouched gem of the Ionian


About Kastos Island – Kastos island is one of the least developed in the Ionian, making it a gem of a place to visit if you are looking for a quiet escape. The harbour itself is small so space is scarce but there are other options for a safe overnight mooring. The olive clad island is perfect for exploring on foot with several idyllic swimming spots along the coastal path.

Longitude & Latitude – 38°34′.12N 20°54′.73E

How to moor – A few options depending on what space allows. Kastos island is surprisingly popular for so few facilities, the quay is often full in the summer months.

  1. Stern-to with an anchor on the main town quay (port side as you enter). Note that the spaces on the inner harbour wall do get quite shallow so keep an eye on your depth gauge. You’ll need to drop your anchor fairly close to the beach to get enough chain out.
  2. Side-to on the smaller mole (starboard side as you enter). A secluded spot deep enough for most yachts side-to. If there is a swell of any sort coming in, avoid going side-to.
  3. Longlined to the beach. Drop your anchor towards the bow of the other yachts stern-to on the quay. Longline to the beach – there are various lamp posts or other inanimate objects to attach to.
  4. Longline (or freeswing) outside, against the breakwater. A lovely swimming spot too!

When to go – Kastos is fine and comfortable in most W or NW conditions. The island is low lying so the prevailing NW wind can gust over the top of island down through the harbour in the late afternoon but this usually dies down at sunset.

When to avoid – Definitely avoid in NE, SE or E winds – the surf coming in has been known to come over the top of the breakwater into the cockpits of the yachts moored stern-to.

Facilities ashore – Part of the reason why people love Kastos island is that there are few facilities. There’s a small supermarket, a couple of restaurants & cafés and some excellent bars. And that’s all – plenty for a laidback stay.

Restaurants – There are a couple of restaurants in the harbour itself – Il Porto & Belos, serving Greek food and good seafood. The windmill taverna & cocktail bar Mylos has an enviable setting. El.A café & bar is set slightly into the village with views out over the harbour. Alex is sure to make you feel welcome – they offer pizza early evening and good music & drinks late into the night.

Somewhere to swim? If you are anchored outside the harbour, it’s perfect for swimming. The water is particularly clear around Kastos so it’s worth taking a walk along the coastal path heading north away from the village and swimming from one of the many coves.

Anything else to do? As above, the trails are excellent for exploring on foot. The Kastos Marine Museum – Home of the Fin Whale is also meant to be worth a visit.

I’d highly suggest buying Rod Heikell’s Ionian Pilot Guide for detailed information on the harbours & bays of the Ionian.

On the chart

kastos island chart

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