Health Benefits of a Sailing Holiday

The health benefits of a sailing holiday – Why a sailing holiday could be just what you need this summer


There are a whole load of reasons why we think a sailing charter should be your choice for your next summer holiday, but have you ever thought about the impact of a sailing holiday on your health – both physically and mentally?

After a difficult past year, it’s more important than ever to take time to look after yourself, and a yacht charter offers you the health benefits to do just that…

  • Calm Your Brain with Sea Air – Negative ions found in sea air help our brains to stimulate the production of seratonin, dopamine and oxytocin – all fundamental substances for good mental health. There have also been some studies into the calming properties of the colour blue and that the sparkling of the sun on the water that gives that glittery effect offers a sense of calm.
  • Reduce Anxiety – The relaxing sounds of moving water, and the waves gently lapping the hull of the boat are calming and in turn reduce feelings of anxiousness. The peaceful environment is perfect for taking time to dive into a good book, listen to your favourite music, or just laze round enjoying the peace and tranquility – all things that you may not have time for during your normal routine. Switch off your devices and enjoy being ‘offline’, even if it’s just for an hour or so per day.
  • Strengthen Bones, Teeth & Muscles – the sun’s rays on your skin help your body to produce Vitamin D which is essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, reducing the risk of viral infections and improve muscle strength. Ample sun cream should be worn (and reapplied regularly) to prevent sun burn.
  • Low risk of Covid-19 – Time spent on board a yacht results in easy social distancing! You can choose to isolate yourselves and remain self sufficient on board, or you can choose to go ashore for meals, shopping etc. The point is that you have the choice to socialise, or the choice to limit social contact!
  • Heal with Salt Water – The healing powers of salt water should not be underestimated and have been used medically since Ancient Greek times, known as thalassotherapy. With a salt level of 3.5% and potassium level of 1.1%, sea water can cure skin complaints & infections,  and the 3.7% of magnesium helps skin retain moisture.
  • Improve General Fitness – You can easily improve your cardiovascular fitness, reducing the risk of hypertension, obesity and other heart illnesses by hauling sails, winching by hand, coiling lines and many other crewing tasks on board.
  • Swim to feel GREAT – one of the best exercises that there is! The great thing about swimming is that it is low impact, so whatever your age, whatever aches or pains that you may have, swimming is usually (check with your doctor if you aren’t sure!) an appropriate activity to get a good workout. Swimming works the majority of your body, increasing your heart rate without adding stress to your body, toning muscles, building strength and building endurance. Swimming has also been proven to help lower blood pressure and control blood sugar levels. Oh and a good swim not only makes you feel GREAT, but you’re also likely to sleep much better at night! So do a few laps of the boat now and then, swim to the beach or a nearby cove and keep active!
  • Activate your Immune System – Related to the point above, swimming in cold water is the best activity for a rush of adrenaline. Adrenaline kick starts the immune system, improving your ability to fight off infections. So don’t let the cooler sea temperatures in April & May put you off early season sailing, see it as an opportunity!

Health benefits sailing holiday

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