The Season Closes!

It seems like it was only yesterday I was writing my previous blog post ‘The Season Begins’ back in April…


Somehow it is Sunday 28th October and by 5.30pm this evening we will be waving our last guests of the season goodbye. Seeing as my last blog post was on 24th May, you could say it was a busy season… LOTS of happy guests, a COUPLE of BIG storms and thankfully NO major dramas – on the whole, pretty good!

This last week of the season had a slightly shaky start with 2 days of rain but Wednesday welcomed us with a beautifully clear, still morning and the sun has shone (pretty much) ever since so for late October we really cannot complain. Everyone has had a fantastic time, families enjoying the half term flotilla and a remarkable amount of RYA training yachts out this week with adults taking their RYA Day Skipper and the children getting involved with RYA Competent Crew – an ideal way to get the whole family sailing together. Next time they will be returning for their first bareboat charter, but knowing they will get route planning, a weather forecast by text each day, mooring practice and the engineers able to jump in a rib and reach them in the case of a technical issue, really puts our first time bareboaters at ease. I’ll be putting another post together about planning your first bareboat holiday soon… though I said I’d be writing blog posts all season and look how that went…

Up until the couple of days of rain, the weather through October has been fantastic – the warm (in fact HOT) days and cool evenings seemed to continue day after day. It’s a nice combination too, the cool evenings mean the mosquitoes are in hiding and you can sleep easy. Although it looks like a thunderstorm may be on the horizon midweek, the sunshine is making a return again for the foreseeable future. And then we turn to our winter season, the skippers are leaving for their winter work… whether that be working for Katie at Sail Grenadines or enjoying some time away from boats… the engineers will crack on with ‘breakdown’ and hauling the boats in to the yard (more on that next time) and we will be sure to enjoy our new work schedule – Monday to Friday, 9 til 5…almost like a ‘normal’ job?! ?

Anyway, we are off to Pirofani Taverna in Dessimi for our end of season party tonight – if you haven’t been, I’d highly recommend it… though not tonight!! It’s in a idyllic location on Dessimi beach, arrive by boat, anchor off and enjoy a cold ‘Alpha’ as the sun sets on this stunning bay. If you hadn’t have guessed, I quite like it.

Yammas to another amazing season and thank you to all of our guests (and staff!) for making it happen yet again 🙂

Here’s a throwback to sitting in Pirofani taverna back in the summer

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